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A Northern Ireland company


Graduated from QUB with First Class Honours in Chemistry in 1992


Obtained MPhil in Applied Chemistry from UU in 1994


Over 12 years employed in industry as an industrial chemist, process engineer and laboratory manager in high volume electronics, drug manufacture and tobacco industries.


Currently Tracy looks after the non-engineering areas of our business.

Before leaving industry to help Sam run Solve, Tracy worked for a number of years managing a UKAS accredited laboratory for a multi-national. She has previously trained as an ISO 9000 auditor and has been responsible for administration of drug master files and US FDA/UKAS inspections.


Having been responsible for analytical testing, Tracy is familiar with areas such as HPLC and GC analyses.


She has previously sat on a British Standards committee along with other bodies such as the World Health Organisation advising on the content of impending new standards.

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