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A Northern Ireland company


We enjoy creating better products through the application of innovative engineering. We get real satisfaction in bringing your ideas to life in the best and fastest way we can. We’ve been doing it for many years and yet every day is still a learning day. We believe the only way to be the best at something is to practice, practice, practice.


We understand our niche and focus on practicing what we’re already good at, the innovative engineering design stuff that comes naturally to us but is hard to for others. We continue to explore new technologies in an effort to always give our customers an advantage over their competitors. We’ve developed our talent for getting you from loose product idea to innovative solution in a very efficient manner.


Our blue-chip clients tell us they work with us not primarily because we are more cost effective and faster than others but mainly because the niche solutions we provide are technically better than those provided by large consultancies or academic centres.


We design, build and test, then improve and do it again. We provide everything else needed for product development by outsourcing to like minded people we trust, respect and can rely on.  If you‘re serious about wanting the best people in your development team then we would encourage you to have a look around our website and get in touch.


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